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1. Feeding System

Feed pan is the core of feeding system. Feed in the hopper is delivered by the motor, through delivery pipe to fulfill feed pans one by one. When the entire feed pans are full of feed, control box will stop the motor from working; and when feed in the feed pan is being eaten up, control box will start the motor working again.

2. Delivery System

The function of delivery system is to transmit the feed outside to the hopper of feeding system which is inside the house; control system indicates delivery system to work automatically.
3. Feed Storage System (Silo)          

Feed of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so as to save large amount of package, and also to ensure the health of feed. Different specifications of silos are alternative to choose according to the daily consumption and the size of silo. Materials of silo consist of galvanized sheet and glass fibre reinforced plastics.
   4. Electronic Control

Electronic part controls the whole system. That control box works sensitively and steadily is extremely important; sensitivity and steady is the base of choosing electronic components. In order to avoid unnecessary waste, it is the customs that are responsible preparing electronic wires and electronic cables, our engineers will provide you with purchase guide.

livestock drinking system is composed of:

nipple drinking lines

pressure regulator

connecting tube of regulator and reflush water tube


winch shakes

hang pieces

decompression filter  system

medical pump

electric shock system
main water system
water meter system.

Commodity Description:


Frame: galvanized steel sheet

The fan translations have all passed the experiment of homeostasis, which makes the air volume keep the same at the very beginning during the operational life span.                                                                                                                                                                      

Shutter: high strength hot-galvanized steel sheet, with a centrifugal system which can ensure the shutter opens with the angle of 90 degree under all the condition. And uncontrollable air can never goes into the birdhouse as the shutter works.

Motor: The motor is high efficiency and low wastage of energy
Maintenance: there is no use to maintain it during its life circle.

Performance: it is used to ensure the minimum and transverse
ventilation in spring and fall and it usually works with the  air inlet.
Install Location:gable wall or side wall.

The cooling pad works in a negative pressure, and is installed in the side wall or in the gable wall, and the fans are installed in the opposite side. The recyclable water system is formed in the surface of the pad, on the condition of water film, when the water goes through the pad, the heat will be taken up by the water’s evaporation, so the air will be cooled before going into the house.

Fan+Cooling Pad=Negative Pressure Psyctic,  which ensures the shed under the temperature of  30
The Environmental Control System

  Based on the windows 2000 of the automatic monitoring system-poultry of environmental Monitoring Network System. You can very easily achieve the distribution of livestock and poultry within a certain range from remote centralized monitoring environmental conditions.
The Environmental Control System is consist of a computer monitoring system, voice alarm, EC series of environmental control, communication networks, UPS power supply (selecting)and printer(selecting). The computer monitoring system via the RS-485 communication network can connect up to 99 units EC every kinds of environmental monitor. The operation manage staff can concentrate on the screen to monitor the environmental temperature and poultry house ventilation, Also, It can remote operating environment controller, adjust the setting parameters and operating modes.

  The main data of all poultry house and ventilation conditions, the actual temperature and appropriate, the minimum ventilation rate, build, age and environmental alarm conditions are all the real time recording, and they can skip the read historical data by the form of curves or data table. When the alarm occurs, the system automatically dials the Phone Card management personnel of the phone, and play alarm voice.
The series of EC- environmental monitor main used in the closed poultry house for ventilation controlling. According to the signals of the temperature and humidity sensor, by means of the ventilation, heating, spray, water curtain and other measures, which will control the environmental temperature and humidity of the poultry house in a set of curves to meet the growing requirements of livestock.( There are a variety of specifications to choose according to the size of the poultry house.)

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